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Consultation on non-tariff barriers issues

Full support

Up to USD8,600

Customs Clearance

customs (1).png

Legal Issues




Labeling Localization

80~90% support

Up to USD17,200


Create export product labels compliant to local regulations

*Support for all food safety testing needed for label creation

Exporters & Importers for Korean Agricultural Products

Legal consultations including the establishments of a local corporation.

Preparing documents for customs clearance, preliminary review on food ingredients, etc

Other relevant consultation

Exporters for Korean Agricultural Products

Trademark Submission

80~90% support

Up to USD8,600

Step 1

Eligibility Confirmation

Step 2

Advanced Payment

Step 3

Grant Claim

* Eligible upon receiving "Notice of Acceptance" (Registration Fee to be borne by applicants)

Packaging Localization

90% support

Up to USD17,200

Companies with valid trade history qualified under localization service are eligible to get financial support.

Specialized Service for Importer

90% support

Up to USD17,200



test (1).png

Examination Fee


Registration Fee

Consultation for strategic market approach

Support for the local testing / examination fees

  • Food registration fee (Renewal)

Importers for Korean Agricultural Products


Support for packaging design to meet local regulatory requirements, and for relevant brand image marketing.

* Engagement of local service provider

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